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Pariharam porulgal

Pancha patchi / Tharaa palan / Hora Chart

Posted Date May 08, 2016




Maha Ganabathiyae Namaha...



pancha patchi  chart is available for your daily usage as per your birth star for sale...accurately  calculated.



The laminated  chart is contain the following details as under...


success   date and time for each  star.



Bad  date and time  for each  natchathira.



on which  date  the  pancha patchi  will not  work.



Moola  manthra for  your  birth star pancha  patchi




direction and colours to be used based on your  pancha  pakchi



How  to identify  your  friendly  bird, and  enemy  bird..



Tharapalan  details for  each  birth star  to  identify  good  dates  for  each  star.



Hora  details  on every  day/hourly  basis  to  calculate  your  best  time  to get  success on  any  activites.



All the  above  charts are available  in Two  A4 laminated sheets  for Rs. 500/= only..



For  your  requirment  please  contact  




 Email;  jothidampariikaaram@gmail.com








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